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Groundwork, Horsemanship/Equitation, Trail, Western/English Dressage, Chris Irwin Certification Prep,  Equine Canada Western Coaching Prep and Rider Level testing, Centered Riding

-Personal and goal specific training.

-Build a partnership.

-Build confidence.


Private $50 (Discount for prepaid lessons 4/$180) ($240 with Haul in Fee)

Package of 4 prepaid lessons must be used within 3 mths and are non-refundable.(Prepaid lessons are more for students on a regular lesson program. Lessons purchased during the winter months can be extended due to inclement weather.)


$15 Haul in fee for outside horses.


Group $30/person/hr

$15 Haul in fee/horse for outside horses


Youth $30/lesson (16 and under, unless registered in 4H, Pony Club, or other organized youth riding group. MVTS Dressage Club Group Rides incl.)

We no longer have lesson horses available for lessons.


              No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

                                                          -Winston Churchhill






Somatic Rider Clinics

3-5 day clinics:

These clinics include a daily 1 hr Somatics Class as well as mounted Somatics work. Dismounted and mounted awareness exercises help the rider connect on a new level with their horse. Discover the changes you can make by bringing more awareness to your body...breathing, centering, grounding. See the Somatic Rider tab for more information on Somatics.

  A horse does not greet the sun and say, "Today will be better," it  can only reflect upon days of past experiences. It is our job to create a positive experience. - Karen West



Western Dressage, English Dressage, Horsemanship, Ground work, Trail

All clinics include a daily theory session and two riding or ground work sessions a day.  Dressage clinics can be run with either group sessions or semi-private or private lessons depending on the size of the group. Somatics classes can also be added to a clinic either the evening before and/or each morning of the clinic.

4H Clinics also available.

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