Western Dressage World Show 2016

In September, 2016 I had the pleasure of traveling down to Guthrie, Oklahoma with one of my students, Jacklyn Hegberg and her mom, Joanne, to the WDAA World Show. We traveled down with Sandra Oxtoby and Sharon Crawford, of Calgary, with Jacklyn's horse, Maverick (Chip N At Midnite) traveling in the trailer with their horses. The trip down was beautiful as we traveled through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and into Oklahoma. We had layovers in Billings, Montana, and just outside of Denver, Colorado.

The show was held at the Lazy E Arena, just outside of Guthrie and was held over 4 days. We arrived on Monday

and the show began on Thursday. This gave the horses some time to recover from their journey. The first day of the show was the rail classes, Equitation, where the riders ride a pattern, and Suitability, where the horses are judged as to how suitable in quality of movement they are for western dressage.

The pond we passed everyday to the arenas.

Jacklyn competed in Jr. Equitation and finished Reserve Champion! The class was tough as it was held in the open arena where there was an 8 foot wall on one side with open seating directly above the arena. Some horses, including Maverick, spooked at some of the movement from above. There were very few horses that weren't affected the first day!

The next three days of competition was strictly the dressage classes. Jacklyn competed in Basic Jr. and Level 1 Jr. The Basic classes were held in the open arena (open meaning the arena had a roof, but no walls, so the horses could see more of what was around them), the Level 1 classes were held in the indoor arena. The temperatures were very hot, considering we were coming from highs of 10C back in Canada to high 20's in Oklahoma.

Maverick enjoying the cool fan in his stall.

Jacklyn finished very well. The first day she placed 1st in Basic and 5th in Level 1. The second day she was 5th in Basic and 1st in Level 1, and the third day she placed 4th in Basic and 1st in Level 1. We were very excited! She had hoped to place in the top 5, but finished the show Grand Champion Level 1 and Reserve Basic, as well as Champion Canadian Jr. The way the show works is each class will have a World Champion each day, so Jacklyn was 3X World Champion and Reserve World Champion Equitation and came home with 3 World Champion jackets. For the champion award she recieved a belt buckle as well as two halters, on for champion and one for reserve, as well as ribbons galore.

Jacklyn's horse Maverick is a horse that I purchased as a weanling and started as a three yr old. Jacklyn purchased him from me last year after using him for 4H and was starting to ride Western Dressage. This was Jacklyn's second year of showing him. In 2017 she moves up to the Amateur level. Because I both started Maverick and I have been teaching Jacklyn for 4 yrs, it had very special meaning for me to be able to be with them at the show. I am so proud of their accomplishments and can't wait to see with the journey takes them next.

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