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As riders, I believe we have many obstacles to overcome.  Not only do we work with an unpredictable animal, but we also have bodies that don't always do what we want them to do. Throughout our lives we have had to deal with injuries, illness, stress, and perhaps surgeries. We may work in jobs that keep us at desks, hunched over a computer all day, or driving long distances for meetings etc. Not only that, but as riders we have been trained to hold our bodies in certain postures. A well-meaning coach says, "sit up straight!" and we arch our backs and 'sit up straight', pulling our shoulders back, and lifting the chest.  What we do regularly our brain learns and eventually forms a habit so we no longer have to think about what we do. On top of that many riders have had falls that cause the trauma reflex in the body.  Eventually we become tight and are no longer able to release chronically tight muscles. No wonder we think as we get older we get more aches and pains AND get shorter! This is the myth of aging. We DO NOT need to get more tightness in our bodies as we age. If you feel like you have lost some height then you are suffering from chronically tight muscles!


Through Clinical Somatics I  work with clients and help them regain flexibility, get rid of pain, and teach them how they can relax muscular stress  by becoming more aware of their chronic muscle patterns through connecting the brain to the movement.

Clinical Essential Somatic Education, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, reverses the effects of Sensory Motor Amnesia with simple, pain-free movements unique to Hanna Somatics. Unlike passive treatments, you learn how to fix your own dysfunction! This, in turn, will give you more freedom to ride!


Book a private Clinical Somatic Session. These sessions are done while lying on a massage type table and you are fully clothed. Yoga pants and a short or long sleeve shirt work best. I will work on reflex patterns in your body and help you sense the muscles that are causing your tension, uneveness, pain, etc, enabling you to break the cycle of SMA and feel tension free muscles again. You will increase your awareness of your body and be taught movements that you can do at home to retain the changes that you gain in the session. Many people see and feel  changes within the first session and can often achieve permanent changes within 3-6 sessions.


See the testimonials page to see what people are saying!


Book a session:

First session                                       $120

First Session/Intake/Assessment   1 hr 30 mins    $120

Single Session 60 Minutes                     $100

3 - 60 Minute Sessions                         $290

5 - 60 Minute Sessions                         $489

Online classes now available $20/class through Zoom. Join the class

live from your computer or cell phone or get the recording after

class. Every participant will receive the recording after the session.



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