Dressage is, quite simply, training. It is developing the horse physically and mentally through the systematic training of the dressage training scale. Using basic dressage will improve balance, suppleness, and confidence in the horse so it will be more fully prepared for any western event the rider chooses.


As riders our goal is to develop a partnership with our horse through ground work and under saddle.  Centered Riding can help the rider develop quiet aids. The ultimate goal is Harmony. Harmony is that effortless, fluid look we see when we see a horse and rider performing together flawlessly and in unison. The look should be easy and natural.


Dressage will help develop the horse’s body and gaits. Correct training will also help improve longevity and prevent injuries. Cross training is great for the dressage horse. Trail riding, obstacle training, jumping etc. all keep the horse looking forward to his work and helps to condition the body and mind of the horse.




On the version of the dressage training scale below the rider’s seat and position makes up the largest part of the foundation. Our position affects the horse in everything we do. It is important to maintain correct position to enable the horse to perform at its best.



















           Lisa is available for clinics and demos. Contact for more information.


      It is not how the horse performs, but it is how the rider and horse        perform together as one.  - Unknown                                                                      


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You Otta Have Me
4 yr Old AQHA/APHA mare. Overall High Point Introductory Level RDAWSDA Aug Circuit. Owned and Ridden by Lisa Wieben
Chip N At Midnite
"Maverick" and Jacklyn Hegberg. Mav is a 6 yr old APHA/AQHA Gelding. Overall High Point Basic Level, Level 1, and High Point Jr (Sat) RDAWSDA Aug Circuit. Heading to WDAA World Show in Sept.
My Morning Lark
"Bella" is an Appendix QH. Bella is competing at Intro and Basic Level. Winner of her Basic Class RDAWSDA circuit. Owned by Jackie Cross and shown by Lisa Wieben
Legacy Indy
Legacy is a 7 yr old Cleveland Bay/TB cross at MVTS for training. Ronja Erichsmeier is our working student from Germany. High Point Jr Rider (Sun) RDAWSDA circuit.
Diane Luxen and Silverwind have just started competing in Western Dressage this year. Consistent 2nd place placings in Aug as well as High Point AM award at July show.
Kokohana Bey
Koko is an Andalusian/Arabian cross, shown by Debbie Pushie in Introductory. This team has come a long way since they started a couple of years ago, both being new to the show pen.
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